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Knead Ice


A millennium ancient city,Kyoto.It is Said that

there in an amount of groundwater underneath of Kyoto city and that is

comparable to Lake Biwa. (Lake Biwa is biggest lake in Japan.)

In the Kyoto city, spring water is upwelling everywhere and

Kyoto people use the spring water for necessities of life such as making Japanese Sake, cooking and dyeing.

Kyoto’s spring water makes source of Japanese culture.


Rakuhyo is made in middle of Kyoto city called Rakuchu.

Also obtained ice manufacturing license for the first time in the Kyoto City.

We use unique convection type ice-making machine

As water freeze convectively, ice crystals are not aligned uniformly.

Due to the crystal faces multiple directions, we called it [Knead ice].

Duration of Ice making

120~160hours (5~7days)


Difficult to cut


Umami Flavour


On the Rocks / with water

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